Paradise Valley Golf Course

At Paradise Valley, Par3 Golf Course join friends for a few hours in the sun on the starting tee for a “fun for everyone” golf tournament and barbecue. A round at Paradise Valley can be completed in a few hours, which goes a long way toward addressing one of the many issues that face today’s golfers - the time required to play a traditional 18-hole round. And these holes are no easy pitch-and-putts: elevation changes, gnarly greenside rough, and creekside greens make it challenging as well as fun. Think of Paradise Valley as a championship golf course in a par-3 setting. It allows more seasoned players the opportunity to really concentrate on hitting irons and putting, and yet makes an excellent training ground for beginners. The shorter holes take long-distance shots immediately out of focus and force you to build accuracy and consistently work on your aim. Paradise Valley is a privately owned and operated 18-hole golf course that offers Fun, affordable golf for everyone. With stunning creekside and coulee views, an afternoon at the golf course feels more like a relaxing walk in the park, enjoying nature without leaving the city limits.