East Coulee School Museum

Experience what life was like for the miners in the Drumheller Valley during the era when "Coal was King"! See how the families lived, what their homes were like, and how it is so different from life today. Located 21 km east of Drumheller, the East Coulee School Museum, a Provincial Heritage Resource, is a 12-room schoolhouse converted to a museum. Time can be spent in the 1930's classroom where "Miss Morrison" might be found - but don't give any sass, or there might be some punishment coming! Heritage Interpreters enrich the visit with stories and facts from the era. Learn about the "Teacher's Rules", the "washing wars", the working conditions in the mines before the unionization - and the accomplishments that were made during this era. Stay a little longer to enjoy homemade soups, custom made sandwiches, and an assortment of desserts in onsite cafe, The Willow Tea Room.