Rosebud Centennial Museum

Rosebud & District Centennial Museum is located right across from Rosebud Mercantile and Theatre. Come, enjoy a journey through Rosebud's past. Established by members of the Rosebud Lions in 1967, the museum highlights the pioneer and ranching history of the Rosebud, Redland and Beynon area. Explore many unique collections, such as cartoon postcards sent by Dick Cosgrave, ten-time chuckwagon race winner at the Calgary Stampede. Exclaim at the hundreds of salt shakers collected by one person. Explore an extraordinary collection of antique tools and the cowboy regalia of Darcy Morton who won best dressed at the Calgary Stampede. There are local history books for sale including the last of J.J. Martins self-published books "The Gleichen Hub" featuring interviews of the early settlers. Also featured are many historical photos of the people and the area. The museum also is the start and endpoint of a 12 point Historical Walking Tour with the map brochure being inside the door. Sit and play a round of Crib on their extra-large board or try a game of Crokinole. They welcome you to their little hamlet.