Medicine Hat Brewing Company

In 1912, the Medicine Hat Brewing Company began serving old fashioned lager, ale and stout to the city’s early, thirsty residents. It’s hot and dry here and they all know how a good beer can cool you off after a hard day’s work. When the Temperance Movement picked up, this popular brewery - One of the Hat’s first - was forced to close. But you can’t keep a good thing down. Over a century later, the Medicine Hat Brewing Company name has been dusted off and again serves thirsty, hard-working hands Timeless Craft Beer. When they opened the brewery, they knew food would be an integral component of the community experience. With that in mind, they source ingredients grown and produced right around the Medicine Hat area. From fresh seasonal produce to meats fed with spent grain from the brewing process, they hope you enjoy a taste of all the great things Medicine Hat has to offer.


Culinary Dining