Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Credit: Travel Alberta

Boating in the Canadian Badlands

Whether paddling your own craft or relaxing as a passenger on a jet boat tour, the Canadian Badlands will leave you grinning ear to ear… or maybe “oar to oar”!

Spring Creek Equestrian Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Travers Dam Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Lodgepole Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Red Deer River Adventures Drumheller, Alberta
Ol' MacDonald's Resort Stettler, Alberta
Reesor Lake Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park Comfort Camping Lethbridge, Alberta
Dinosaur Campground Brooks, Alberta
River Bend Adventures Empress, Alberta
Trebled Life Brooks, Alberta
Little Bow Reservoir Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Buffalo Lake Campground Stettler, Alberta
Lake McGregor Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Alberta Landscape and Cultural Discovery Drumheller, Alberta
St. Mary Lower Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Wyndham-Carseland Campground Carseland, Alberta
Battle Creek Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Ol' MacDonald's Resort Stettler, Alberta
Nicholas Sheran Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park Comfort Camping Carseland, Alberta
Bleriot Ferry Campground Drumheller, Alberta
Indian Battle Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Prairie Oasis Park Hanna, Alberta
Elkwater Lake Marina Elkwater, Alberta
Spruce Coulee Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
St. Mary Upper Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Kinbrook Island Campground Brooks, Alberta
Firerock Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Henderson Lake Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Cypress Hills Provincial Park Elkwater, Alberta
Writing-on-Stone Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Ferguson Hill Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Elkwater Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Parks Comfort Camping Brooks, Alberta
Crawling Valley Campground Bassano, Alberta
Little Bow Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Big Knife Campground Stettler, Alberta